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Airbnb Resource Bundle

Airbnb Resource Bundle

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Whether you're an experienced Airbnb host looking to optimize your business or a new host just starting out, our Airbnb Resource Bundle is your one-stop solution.

This bundle includes five essential resources for Airbnb hosts:

  1. Airbnb Profit Dashboard and Expense Tracker
  2. Done-For-You Listing Description Templates
  3. Done-For-You Airbnb Guest Communication Templates
  4. Cleaning Standard Operating Procedures
  5. Furniture, Decor, and Cleaning Supplies Checklist

✨BONUS: Customizable Welcome Guide for your Guests.

In the world of Airbnb hosting, efficiency is key, and time is money. Our bundle streamlines your operations, elevates your property listings, simplifies guest communication, and allow you to run your Airbnb business more passively.

Don't wait to optimize your Airbnb business. The sooner you start using our resources, the sooner you'll see improved results and increased profits.

Why Our Bundle Is Your Solution:

Efficiency: Our resources save you time and effort by confidently streamlining and automating your systems and operations.

Customization: Tailor our templates and guides to fit your unique property features and style, ensuring a consistent experience across all your listings.

Streamlined Management: From finances to guest communication to property cleanings, our bundle simplifies every aspect of hosting.

How It Works:

Purchase: Click "Buy Now" to access our Airbnb Resource Bundle instantly.

Utilize the Resources: Start using our Google Sheets tracker to manage your finances, apply our Listing Description Templates to create high-performing listings, and implement our guest communication templates for seamless interactions. You can also customize our Cleaning Standard Operating Procedure to confidently clean and inspect your space in between guest stays.

Experience Airbnb Success: Watch as your Airbnb business runs more smoothly, your listings attract more guests, your guest communication becomes effortless, and 5-star guest reviews start coming in.

Don't let the complexities of Airbnb hosting hold you back. Our bundle provides you with everything you need for success in one convenient spot.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Airbnb business? Click "Buy Now" and start your journey to Airbnb success today! 

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    Hi, I'm Breanne!

    I'm based in Raleigh, North Carolina! 

    I teach women and people from marginalized communities how to create an additional stream of income by running their own legitimate Airbnb/short-term rental business without owning property. I'm devoted to helping more of us thrive in this industry by providing relatable and devoted coaching to my students.

    I am operating all of them through corporate leases via the rental arbitrage model, meaning that I lease all of my units from apartment complexes instead of owning them. 

    Back in January of 2022, I secured my first Airbnb unit with a ~$5,000 investment. I recently surpassed $300k in revenue across Airbnb and Furnished Finder since the beginning of 2022.

    There is no magic formula to building a successful and scalable Airbnb business. You just need to understand the strategy and put in the work. I’m living proof that this is doable!

    I’m excited to share my experiences and knowledge with you, and together, we can create a path to financial freedom and empowerment.